28 June 2017

Titles of the New Cardinals

The five new Cardinals created today were given the following titles:

Sunarko named Pangkal-Pinang Bishop

Bishop-elect Adrianus Sunarko, O.F.M. was named Bishop of Pangkal-Pinang, Indonesia.

The diocese had been vacant since the death of Bishop Hilarius Moa Nurak, S.V.D. in April 2016.

de Romanet de Beaune named France Military Bishop

Bishop-elect Antoine de Romanet de Beaune was named Bishop of France, Military.

The post had been vacant since then-Bishop Luc Marie Daniel Ravel, C.R.S.V. was named Archbishop of Strasbourg in February 2017.

Moon Chang-woo named Cheju Coadjutor

Bishop-elect Pius Moon Chang-woo was named Coadjutor Bishop of Cheju, Korea (South).

Koo Yobi named Seoul Auxiliary

Bishop-elect Job Koo Yobi was named Auxiliary Bishop of Seoul, Korea (South) and titular bishop of Sfasferia.

Sabio resigned, Galido named Marshall Islands Prefect

Father Raymundo Sabio, M.S.C. resigned and Father Ariel Galido, M.S.C. was named Prefect of Marshall Islands, Pacific (Oceania).

de Assis Ribeiro named Belém do Pará Auxiliary

Bishop-elect Antônio de Assis Ribeiro, S.D.B. was named Auxiliary Bishop of Belém do Pará, Brazil and titular bishop of Babra.

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